Online Golf Training


All memberships include a proven golf training program designed to provide incredible results! Prime Players Golf Online training routines are designed to lower your scores and help you reach your golfing goals. You will also receive 24/7 support from our team of certified PGA Professionals. Each Program is guaranteed to develop all facets of your game and reach new golfing heights.

Online Golf Training

With your purchase you will receive either our 8 week or 16 week Program.  You will have instant access to your online routines with video tutorials of each exercise. The program is designed for you to have 2 practice days per week, which should take you 1-2 hours to complete.  In the video tutorials you will see how to exactly execute each task. All of my Programs have been tested and my results are 100% guaranteed.

24/7 Support and Coaching

24/7 Support from my team of Certified PGA Professionals to answer any questions you might have as well as the option of Personal Online Golf Lessons.

Mobility and Flexibility Exercises

To execute their swing correctly and prevent injury or strain, golfers must work on their mobility and flexibility as well!  Along with your Prime Players Golf Online Training Program, you will also receive a Mobility and Flexibility routine to do on your days away from the golf course! We will provide you with the proper exercises to keep you loose and powerful.

I created the Prime Players Golf Online Training Program because golfers need a formula to improve and ultimately shoot lower scores. Most golfers don't practice with a plan or a purpose. They usually hit balls on the driving range, maybe possibly practice short game, and then play. The reason they shoot the same scores over and over is that golfers do not have a plan, or direction, to guide and train them. That is why I'm so excited to bring you Prime Players Golf Online Training Program! With my program, you will have two practice sessions per week that cover all facets of the game (short putting, lag putting, chipping, pitching, bunker play, and full swing). Each exercise will have specific goals that you will have to reach in order to move on to the next exercise. This program will allow me to teach you how to practice efficiently and with a purpose. I've used this training method with my students the last 10 years which has produced over 140 tournament victories, from junior events to club champions, to professional wins. I guarantee that if you complete Prime Players Online Training you will lower your scores and enjoy the game of golf at a whole new level!


Program 1 (Eight Week Routine)

Our 8 week golf training program is designed to raise your game to a whole new level in a relatively short period.  It comes with two practice sessions per week (each session has 5 different exercises with video tutorials). It is designed to give a definitive plan and purpose to all of your golf practice.  Lower your scores now!

Program 2 (Sixteen Week Routine)

Our 16 week golf training program is designed for those of you looking to completely transform your golf game.  You will receive everything from our 8 week program plus an additional 8 weeks of exercises that will test your skills and ultimately give you the best and longest lasting results! Transform your game now!

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